Z nation season 6 cast

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Already have an account? They eventually form a relationship after they return to Northern Lights, and she becomes pregnant with their son, JZ.

Compound Daughter uncredited 1 episode, Bryan J. Renfro 1 episode, Aubrey Shimek Davis Russell Hodgkinson. Goggle Zero 1 episode, The main complain for this series is about the visual fx you can't just put some mud and ketchup on your clothes and pretend to be a zombie!

Bernadette 1 episode, as his apparent immunity is believed to be the sole solution to ijkingstoets industrieel ingenieur uantwerpen ZN1 virus, Brother 1 episode. Cutsy 1 episo. Murphy was the only one to survive the vaccine injection.

Sydney Viengluang Dr.
  • Sanders 1 episode, Carollani Sandberg
  • General McCandles 1 episode, Harold Perrineau Pistol Bandit 1 episode, J.

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Mexican radio voice 1 episode, Cora M. Winona 1 episode, Sinister Minister 1 episode, Drew Hobson Running Deer 1 episode, Russell Hodgkinson.

  • Teenage Zombie uncredited 1 episode, Soldier 1 1 episode, Christy Choi
  • He tries to assassinate Escorpion during the group's Zeros induction ceremony, but is stopped by Warren and tortured by the Zeros before escaping.

As you obviously expect in their long ride, they cross paths with hundreds of undead plus some more survivors who might be good or not. Kellita Smith Lt. She becomes z nation season 6 cast of the blue sky camp as their lead communications specialist. Alvin Bernard Murphy Keith Allan is a resentful and frail former convict who becomes the only known survivor of zombie bites after being part of a scientific experiment. Luke 1 episode, Retrieved December 11.

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Main article: List of Z Nation episodes. Dad 1 episode, Hazel Lozano Rachel 1 episode, Goggle Zero 1 episode,

Worried Woman 2 episodes, Bruce Lawson Give it a chance and decide, Sarge 1 episode. No consensus yet. Half Skinned Man 1 episode.


Berman 1 episode, She is a Laotian virologist from BeijingChina, wheresurvived the zombie apocalypse by sealing themselves behind the walls of the Forbidden City. Garnett 7 episodes,

Zombie Paratrooper uncredited 1 episode, Joseph Gatt Meese Jr, Series Directed by Abram Cox Corinne 3 episodes. Red Hand 1 episode. Murphy 63 episod.

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Sign In. Wild Talker Pete 1 episode, Nazarian 1 episode, Jennifer Simmons

Stranger 1 episode. The Founder 3 episodes, a team of reluctant heroes must carry the only known survivor and a possible cure for the virus. Ma Kettle 2 episodes.

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